Winter series Part 1

Winter is coming!!


As we all know winter is fast approaching. So glad for the super-hot weather (1oo+) degrees to disappear. Even though I love the hot weather, enough is enough already. I am so ready to cuddle in a comfy chair with a nice cup of hot cocoa and a great book to read. What will completely make that vision a reality is having an equally warm blanket to snuggle under. With that being said, I will be introducing a winter afghan series. To kick it off, I have been working on an afghan that I have titled: Warm to warm scrap-afghan. I chose the name because the colors I have put into the pattern is dark, light, and goes to dark colors again. I used a simple granny square pattern.

WIP granny square blanket 1

Not a good picture of the starting point. I used a 5mm hook and acrylic yarn throughout the pattern. The beginning color is dark brown, then dark blue and transitions into green. In the pattern it calls for a consistent count of three between each space with a chain 2. When I reach the corner the pattern consist of two groups of three and a chain 3 between the two groups, this creates a corner.



This picture shows the colors after the green. This section has dark pink, variegated yarn (light blue, and brown).


From this picture of the afghan you can see the color change from warm to cool with a light pink color, gray, light blue, and white after the variegated yarn. Now the colors will change by using darker colors such as red. This is part 1 of the series, I have not completed the whole thing but pictures will be posted soon.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, I hope to post more stories consistently. Look for the other parts to the series as well as other surprises I have in store.





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