Project of the Day!!!

Hello all!,

Good afternoon! Wanted to share a project that i am working on. Its a blanket which i call Deep Sea because of the colors. I am not particularly following a pattern but this is suppose to be a gift for my mom. I’m not even half way finished yet (gave to get more yarn). Hope you like it!!




Fabric Play Cubes- Part 1

Great project for the fall, any takers



So, if you’ve seen my Pinterest at all, you’ll notice that I pinned some cute play cubes from The Ribbon Retreat.

Check them out here. (My Pinterest- Please support ^_^)

And here. (The Ribbon Retreat’s Tutorial)

Each side will have different fabric. I thought about doing each side a different texture so he had some touch style sensory help and not just visual, but for now I’m just going to do some in cotton. He’ll like holding them and putting them in his mouth and stuff like that. You can make them pretty much any size, but I think I’m going to make them about 5 inches all around. I even got the wise idea that you could make them in other shapes besides squares, like rectangles, even pyramids and spheres! But for now we’re just going to do basic cubes. I have tasked my husband with finding…

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First Baby Project

My sister is about to have a baby in three months so i wanted to make something for the baby (which i hope is a boy) we have too many girls in the family. So this picture, one of many is the first baby items i have crocheted. I thought that it would be good doing a first of something to commemorate my first blog post. Hope you guys like!!!

Chunky baby hat and booties

Chunky baby peppermint hat and booties