Hello Dudes and Dudettes,

Sorry that it takes me so long to update my post I am trying to get on a schedule for that. But anyway I have found a new crochet obsession and that is with cases, cozies etc. So far I have made two of them that I was either trying to find a pattern for or make one myself from scratch which I finally pulled off.

The first one was made for my windows phone, I did not make it quite as perfect as I wanted to because it was my first time do that type of pattern. It was made in baby blue acrylic  4 ply yarn and white acrylic 4 ply yarn. For this case I chained about 10 chains, the base (around the phone) was done in dc (double crochet) until the pattern reached the camera lens which was then done in sc (single crochet). The bunny ears was done in sc around until I reached the desired length and shape which is about four rounds.

20150502_151758 20150502_151817

The next case was made for a tablet specifically a kindle tablet which my sister just had to have a new case for hers. This one actually came out better than I expected with no bumps in the road (lol). It was made with white 4 ply acrylic and black 4 ply acrylic. I decided to put a black and white bow on it instead of some types of ears because it just be weird if the tablet was not held the way the ears were pointing. It was then trimmed in black and I was complete. I think I had to chain about 18 chains for the tablet because the yarn stretch and I wanted it to be tight on the kindle.

WP_20150516_15_20_28_Pro InstagramCapture_738ae85b-2efe-49f8-8649-e72a3571822c

You can see the different in the cases because the tablet case has more edging around it (this is when i learned how to do that) compared to the phone case.

I want to say thanks to all my followers and to anyone who read this post. It was very fun making these so I probably have different ones in the near future. And no I have not forgotten about the d.I.y project that I posted to hang in there with me and when i get it perfect it will be posted.

See ya later dudes and dudettes, until next time!!!!

I holla!!


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